Wednesday, June 5, 2013

another school year {poof}

Back in September,
big smiles of anticipation,
new shoes in neon colors,
big smiles and hope for all
that another school year would bring.
My wishes for you were simple:
Have fun.  Make new friends.
Respect your teachers.  Learn.
...and live in the moment,
before the moment is gone.

Nine months, the last day of school.
I woke you early to have a breakfast.
We talked about what you've accomplished.
Oliver even used a metaphor and named it.

Celebrate today.  You made it.
Yearbook signing for Oliver. End of 6th grade.
Valleyfair (in the rain) for Henry.  Middle school completed.

Lessons learned.  Science projects.
Concerts performed.  Homework done.
Winter sports and family life crammed into the middle.
Some habits {procrastination} still hard to break.
But, overall, you both had a great year.
I'm still very, very proud of you.


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