Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First School Day, 2012

Where does the time go?!  The alarms' were buzzin' and the kitchen hummin' as we started our morning routine again today.  For the first time in almost three months, there was an air of urgency again in the morning; I even had to share my bathroom!

Back to making lunches, picking out clothes, brushing teeth and heading out the door on time to catch the bus.  While I'm not yet overly emotional about these milestones in ma boys' lives, I am a very proud Momma that they're growing into such wonderful young men.

My wishes for you today:
  • may you make lots of new friends.
  • may your teachers have leniency on you as you develop good study habits.
  • may your schedule feel routine by end of month.
  • may your brain be filled with unanswered questions, and may you then raise your hand!
  • may you learn that procrastination is a habit best left behind.
  • may you soak in each and every memory of this school year...  time flies much too quickly!
I love you, boys!

Oliver (6th) and Henry (8th)

Don't forget the new shoes!!
Henry's feet grew almost 2 sizes since the last pair of shoes.
Oliver's not far behind. 
They both had to have Nike.
Hoping these make it through the winter.

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