Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let the next season of sport begin!

Lacrosse (LAX) season has begun for the 2013 Spring league!  An optional tournament in Rochester, MN, had Henry and I occupied for Saturday & Sunday.  He played goalie for the first time this season.  Last year he only participated in summer and fall because I wasn't sure about adding a sport into the mix with school and church activities.  I am hopeful that adding Spring this year helps motivate him to keep on track and finish the fourth quarter of his last year in middle school ON TOP of his game, in all manner of speaking!

The boys played very well and came out with a 5-2 game win/loss.  The two games they lost were against the Oakdale team.  As the newly crowned "mother of a goalie" it was tough to watch the ball fly past Henry and into the net.  I'm told that it's a tough role to play, but if Henry wants to continue, I will toughen up and learn that it still takes a team to defend the goal.

can you find me?

exhausted - slept the whole ride home

U15 Rochester "Rumble in the Bubble" team

They will be deciding teams this week and the next games begin this weekend.  I will post/link the schedule when decided and received in case anyone wants to join us on the sidelines!  Henry will either play in St. Cloud on Saturday or Spring Lake Park on Sunday next.

Oliver will begin his first year of LAX this summer.  He's almost equipped to play - just need to find gloves and an equipment bag.

Here we go, ACYLA!!

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