Sunday, April 28, 2013

follies of a spring weekend

We finally had our first dose of Spring weather!
JP cleaned up the patio enough to start the weekend
with happy hour!

Saturday morning started with the sunrise
and a couple games of LAX
in the Plymouth dome (sans sunshine).

Saturday - date night began with a car trip to St. Paul

Dinner at Dixie's on Grand

A walk along Grand Avenue

A sit for JP to enjoy at cigar.

Ice cream - my favorite, Peppermint BonBon in a sugar cone!

And then the sounds of Cole Porter,
the final in the Broadway Songbook series.

Elsewhere in the weekend - Oliver is learning how to be persuasive in text:

sweet, sweet boy
This plea didn't work.

Sunday after church I took Henry up to get a LAX goalie net. 
The two of them put it together (with only a little help from the 'rents).

goalie drills?

Henry's first year at playing goalie.  As the Mom, it makes me fearful, yet shows me that my son can be fearless and take on something no one else was willing to do this time around!  These boys never cease to amaze me and are growing up so very quickly before my eyes!!

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