Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day!

The boys' school is closed for the first time (District-wide) in many, many years. To say they were elated to get the news this morning would be an understatement. Since Henry was already up and in the shower by the time the official word came out, I asked him to clear the driveway for me. He was excited enough that there was no other bribe needed.
Thanks son, you rock!

I'm at work today as we have an offsite event planned, or I would be at home instead, trying to coax them off the couch to go sledding.  Oh, wait, neither of them have any winter gear to wear.  I guess I would be sledding by myself if I had the chance!

This evening's concert at the high school is also cancelled.  Hopefully it will be rescheduled as I was looking forward to it!  Wonder what that means for basketball practice for Oliver?  The boys both have tournaments on Saturday morning!   Hmmmm.

Enjoy your day to the fullest, whatever your weather and whatever you're doing!  Happy SNOW day!

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