Friday, March 1, 2013

got grass?

No......  not that kind of grass.  Spring is around the corner - it's March 1st after all!  I am looking forward to seeing some green grass and warmer temperatures in the next two months.

I know I have been sorely lacking in updates lately.  Forgive me?  There is so much every day living going on that I have barely enough time to sit and ponder, let alone put thoughts to blog.  My five-year old computer also had a meltdown (kind of like a child's temper tantrum) and was only recently revived, thanks to the infinite IT wisdom of a dear friend's husband.  Praise all things good!  I promise to get back to regular updates, or at least weekly, in the very near future.

So, speaking of grass and Springtime, here's today's update:  We've got some growing in our very own kitchen!  A little indoor experiment, of sorts, and while JP tends to his three trays so lovingly every morning and evening, the boys are very anxious to see what it's really all about!

Wheatgrass.  2 lbs. of vegetables packed into 2 oz. of goodness.  Henry believes this will get him out of eating the real vegetables, but not so fast, kiddo!  And really, is there any benefit to the stuff?  I guess there will be a few more guinea pigs in the 'hood and we'll report back on our unofficial, unscientific findings, when we get a few trays into our system.

We even have a wheatgrass grinder, still in the box, ready to make this into something edible!
So, the next time you're in the neighborhood, and we offer you a beverage,
feel free to ask for a shot of wheatgrass instead! 
I have a feeling this will be a new, permanent fixture in our kitchen.
Happy March!

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  1. Looking forward to my shot! Never had it, but I'm a willing guinea pig!