Friday, March 22, 2013

music to my ears

Both boys played in the district competition in front of a judge today.  Oliver was a solo act, accompanied by our favorite piano player, Andi.  Henry played in a trumpet trio. Both boys did very well, and if they were nervous, it didn't show.

I was able to sit in the room when Oliver played.  The judge (who was 70 if he was a day) was very constructive, friendly and nice in his manner of speaking with Oliver about ways to improve his playing as a young student.  He went over tonguing and slurring on Oliver's specific piece and had him play a couple of bars over again.  There was a noticeable difference.  I'm sure that Oliver will only continue to improve as the years go along.  When signing up for 7th grade, he wasn't convinced he wanted to continue playing saxophone.  I decided I wasn't going to push him.  In the end, he signed up again.  I hope that my boys both continue to choose band and choir throughout their high school years.  It is so very rewarding.

Oliver & Andi

Henry's trio had a short piece and he played 3rd trumpet.  He wasn't too thrilled with the lower octave part, but still did a nice job.  I was able to video tape through the door, as I wasn't allowed in the room.  His grade in the portal today was 93 out of 100.  Wonderful!  Henry will sign up for marching band this summer and begin a busy routine trying to fit in all of the activities come fall.

hanging with friends before competition

So very proud of our musically talented boys are we!

Happy last day of 3rd quarter boys - enjoy your Spring Break!!

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