Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

My morning started rather quietly...  JP went off to sing all four services at church, and I plopped myself on the couch for a bit.  The silence was interrupted about 8:20 am with the beautiful sounds of church bells ringing across the street at St. Joe's, accompanied by the birds in the trees.

I rousted the boys from slumber about 9:45 am and took them over to Bruegger's for a bagel breakfast.  Non-traditional, but satisfying.

As we walked into the church to find our pew for the 11:00 am service, Henry declares, "What does Dad call these people again?"

A little more quietly, I reply with "C&E'ers". 

"Yeah, that's it," he says, "do you recognize any of them?!"

True, son...  not many look familiar.  Let's hope that most of those attending were out-of-town family and not folks who only choose to come twice a year. Only one son's father reached out to shake my hand that was familiar to me at all.  We were lucky enough to get our front seat too!  Yeah, I know...  not really ours, by any stretch of the imagination, but not many people like to sit right up front.  I do, no distractions between me and The Word. 

I like Spring.  I love Easter.  I was sharing with a few folks last week how this season of church is my absolute favorite... because our church does such a wonderful job of a solemn Friday service (dark church, leave quietly, most with tears) to Sunday morning - dimly lit church, birds chirping and then {BAM!!!} - in comes the trumpets, choir, praising and singing - the cloth is lifted from the hanging cross and I get goosebumps and tears - every.single.time!

This year, Oliver sang on Good Friday with the children's chorus, and the kids all came forward to hammer the nails into the cross.  Tradition is good.  And when we entered the pew to take our seats on Easter morning, this is the beauty of the darkened church pulpit.

And then the magic begins...

Kudos go to so many musicians and behind-the-scenes individuals who make this what it is each year.  I really enjoyed sitting in the pew with ma boys, listening to the music and the message by our interim Pastor TJ, soaking it all in.  It was another beautiful service! 

Then it was back to the house for a very simple Easter Sunday.  No real meal planned, taking in an orphan or two, and playing a couple rounds of cards.  It was a nice end to a busy weekend.


Best Friends

A game of "golf" and a good meal

Happy Easter
from our house to yours!

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