Sunday, October 14, 2012

sweet sugar maple

Its beauty drew us to Aquila Avenue,

gorgeous oranges, 
and reds

a sight to behold in full bloom
And over the years, it shared its lovely colors

with everyone who walked down the street.

A storm or two came through in the last two years

and we had to take down a few branches that broke off in the wind

Still she shone brightly,
for two more seasons.
Alas, after being diagnosed with root girdling,
it was time.

the final day 

her glorious leaves 
holding on tightly 

@ 3513.

Armed with a super-duper chainsaw,
that belonged to a friend of a friend,

 the two made quick work
Joe & JP


Home to two chipmunks
that turned into "super-flying" chipmunks
as the last of her branches
came crashing

All that remains

are the memories
and the beauty 
of what was,
held deep in the roots,
of this gorgeous sugar maple.

for now. be continued.

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