Friday, October 12, 2012

Norah, Kara & Me

We started out with a bottle of chardonnay, onion rings {cuz we're classy like that} and some pasta at Rock Bottom Brewery.  The restaurant was directly across the street from the concert venue, so we had plenty of time to visit. 

Two girlfriends,
more like sisters,
bonded for life
catching up on gossip
enjoying a rare night out... 
without any boys! 

Kara and I went to see Norah last Sunday evening.  What a phenomenal voice!  Even in a larger theater, it seemed intimate, etheral and awe-inspiring!  The opening act was a pleasant surprise to us too!

Okay, I do have one little complaint but it has nothing to do with her or the opening act.  There was a single man who sat DIRECTLY in front of me.  No worries, right?  Move one way or another and you can see again (we were stage right).  Yeah, not so much.  This man was a bobble-head... and the WHOLE night he moved his head and/or his body back and forth and back and forth and...  yeah.  Grrrrrr.

Back to the music... I had never heard of of the opening act before that event, but was pleasantly surprised! Cory Chisel is an Americana folk artist who grew up in the Midwest. He is known around town as Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, but he sang with a woman. I had to google to find her name... Adriel Harris. Beautiful songbird that plays the ivories, tamborine and sings alongside Cory. I would definitely consider a few of their songs for download. Check out some of their music online if you're looking for something new!

And then, along came Norah.  Quick intermission and stage change... beautifully suspended origami birds appeared above the set.  Twinkling lights and a band of about five others completed the ensemble.  Norah was absolutely incredible, and so worth the ticket price (and yes, another birthday present to me).  She sang both new and old songs (the haunting Miriam, Chasing Pirates) and the crowd sat mesmerized.

All musicians were on stage at one point, similar to this video, and it was vocally amazing!  The bass, keyboard, squeezbox, voices...  loved every single minute of it.  Norah ended the evening with two encore songs, and Come Away with Me, one of my all time favorites!  Definitely, a night to remember.

And I'm not sure, but I think the two-week long of birthday celebrations have finally ended... anything from this point forward I will lump into the beginning of anniversary celebration!

Thanks for joining me for another celebration, Kara!

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