Thursday, August 2, 2012


Are you as mesmerized by the Olympics this year as I am?  I cannot wait to finish dinner and park my tush on the sofa to watch the days' events unfold on the big screen.  Soon, my DVR won't be able to hold any more coverage, especially next week when a couple of the family is off to the BWCA and I am off at a work event.

If I've been successful in ignoring social media and news reports during the day, it's as if I am watching it LIVE ~ holding my breath, biting my nails, and cheering on Team USA, along with the parents of these young athletes.

How about that Fab 5 group of young ladies...  amazing talent, perseverance and poise!

simply incredible.

And did you catch the short clip of Aly's parents?  Priceless.  I also liked the article written here about the coverage of this event.

the winningest Olympian.  ever.

There's the women's beach volleyball, sculling, swimming and springboard synchronized diving... my head is going to explode...  so much excitement and talent to cheer on...  whatever will we do when it's over?!   Oh right, go back to life as we know it, and get ready for school to start in five short weeks. {meh}

Now, back to the Olympics...

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