Monday, July 30, 2012

July Staycation 2012

When airfare became ridiculously expensive, this year's staycation became local. While the boys were away at camp this past week, we drove down the Mighty Mississippi and enjoyed some of the wineries, cheese shops and local sites!

We stayed in a small loft in Wabasha, MN, that was recommended to us by my friend, Christine. It was just perfect and right on the main drag. We arrived Sunday after dropping the boys at church and stopping for a visit with our friends, Steve & Lorraine, at Vino in the Valley.

We quickly discovered that shops are not open on Mondays in Wabasha. It was a good thing that I had done some previous planning of other things to see and do nearby. So, with cameras in hand, off we went... I hope you enjoy! We sure did!!

And just another shout-out to my puppy sitters... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
You made our little get-away worry-free!!

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