Monday, April 16, 2012

the {new} Guthrie & {old} friends

Ginny, David and I had a nice adventure last night in Minneapolis.  We had dinner at Grumpy's Bar in Minneapolis.  Greasy, battered and oh so yummy!  I thought I was being so good by ordering the sweet potato fries with my meal...  until I realized that it didn't come with Ranch dressing, but marshmellow cream instead.!  It was all over after that (the calorie watching) and I just dove right in!  The three of us went to high school together and manage to sneak in an outing or two a year when David returns from Australia.

We watched the wonderful cast, including Harriet Harris, perform Hay Fever at the Guthrie.  This was my first time in the new location and I was entralled with the place.  Gorgeous, simplistic, stunning views, and that's all before you enter the theater seating area!  I would definitely recommend taking in a show if you're in the area and haven't yet had a chance.

Hay Fever stage

inside looking out (forgive the reflections)

overlooking the Stone Arch Bridge

~ high school friends ~

historical flour mill

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