Wednesday, December 21, 2011

magical MUSIC in the air

I love love love the holiday music this time of year...  and it gets even sweeter when it's my kids and hubby singing such sweet melodies.  Wow, seven concerts in a month!  Where've we been this month, you ask?  Just take a look and you'll see...  we've been busy! 

4th:  JP's concert at Calvary

11th:  Oliver's holiday concert at Calvary

12th: Henry's 7th grand band concert

15th: Henry's 7th grade choir concert

18th:  Oliver's ADC Winter PRISM concert

19th:  Henry's Sola Voce performance at AHS

24th:  Oliver's singing at the 3:30 pm Christmas concert

Check out more of the recent music magic in videos on my YouTube channel.

  • When looking at the ADC videos, you will find Oliver on the left-hand side, second row from top (near the microphone pole in the middle of my videos - grrr).  He is also the fiddler in the solo performance.
  • Henry is mid-section in choirs wearing a pink tshirt.  In band, he's in the back (most likely you will not find him) playing trumpet.
  • Some of the videos have yet to be named because I need to match them up with the appropriate program.  Hopefully they won't be deleted due to copyright infringement.

...sing, sing a song...
make it simple to last the whole day long
sing of good things, not bad
sing of happy, not sad
just sing...  sing a song!

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