Monday, December 19, 2011

holiday hookey

Decided to take a Monday off and hang out with hubby.  
I'm not sure he was on-board at first, but we had a good time wandering and shopping.  
Thankfully the mall was relatively quiet, after what I'm sure was a busy shopping weekend!

Also thought it would be fun to check into FourSquare the entire time... 
Starting with our first stop to put gas in the car and free air in the tires!

From there we started our day at the MOA...  and oh, the lights and decorations!

and a FOUR story Christmas tree

and store displays...  lots of those.

some festive

some, not as much - but worthy of a glance

Next stop...  IKEA (pronounced ick-ee-ah)

Where even a kitchen display gets my man excited...

with more festive fun

if I had an office wall, I seriously considered this purchase... 
perhaps maybe giving the wrong message in an office,
but I still love it!

Our travels also took us to Wallyworld
and then the Nordicware store
where we saw this sign
- where apparently people are
tracking too much stuff
from the grass into the store -

last stop - Byerly's liquor store
for some final holiday cheer

it was a great day of holiday hookey...

spent with the one I love.

this day would not have been possible
if not for the kindness of neighbors
who let the puppies out for a break

thank you, Gladys!!

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