Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Patient, Part Duex

He must think it's some kind of competition... yes?  We were matched surgeries, one for one in 2011.  Until recently, when JP became aware of a hernia needing repair.  This has incapacitated him in the past few weeks, surrendering him to much discomfort and pain.  Sure, I know, some of you may think this is TMI, but there's education in it too!  And for family, this is how I keep everyone informed who doesn't live nearby.  So...

Aforementioned patient will now undergo {hopefully laparoscopic} surgery for an inguinal hernia.

Surgery is often the best and safest solution for the discomfort of a hernia. Most can be operated on through either open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. Both are out-patient procedures, and in both cases patients can return to ordinary activities within a few days.

t inguinal hernias form near the opening of the inguinal canal, a tunnel running between the abdomen and groin that often develops weakness. Over time, the intestine can slide into the canal, forming a bulge in the groin. During surgery, the hernia sac and protruding organ are moved back into the abdomen and mesh is secured to surrounding tissues, patching the hernia.

We are checking him in to F@irview Southd@le this morning...  and I will post more later this afternoon.  This is our first experience with this hospital and I hope it's a good one.
Let's just say, I'm hoping that my super-human-healer will be back to 100% in no time!  Your prayers for the surgeon's hands and swift healing would be appreciated.

Update:  The surgery went well.  All patched up and sent home with his happy pills.  He's at home resting now with a 20 lb. weight restriction for two weeks and a new-found appreciation for me and the c-sections I've had.  Continued prayers for healing are appreciated.

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