Tuesday, October 25, 2011

happy {Finnish} momma

Our {Uncle Sam} gift to ourselves this year was a sauna.
It's been sitting in my basement since June. Taunting me.
I wanted it up before the snow flies in Minnesota.

It was a lot of work.  Okay, well, not as much as it could have been.
I moved the white cabinet from the middle of the room to the end.

I then spent the better part of a few months hours cleaning.
Space.  Vacuuming cobwebs.  Moving stuff.
To make enough room so that we could build the sauna.
And not have to look out at stuff.  That was important to me.

It came in six large pieces.
Taking two competent people.
A little over an hour {after reading the directions}.

New power had to be run to this area.
Power tools came out.  A few terse words were said.

And then it was done.
Oh, the joy.  And the health benefits and enjoyment for years to come.

I spent a
20 minutes in this beauty tonight.
Back to my Finnish roots.  No switches or water to throw on rocks, however.
We've come a long way, baby.
A new infrared technology.  Still hot enough (120*) to make me sweat.
With piped in music and mood-changing, chromatherapy lights.

Grandma Elsie would be proud.

Healthy.  Sweaty.  Happy.  

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