Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A short update from the breeder:
Carli weighs the most so sleeps the most (they are staying up half an hr now! at a time)
...since we have moved them back out into the dining room where they are getting the full taste of the diff. sounds in the house.  Up until now, they are just too sensitive (and difficult for me to control everything that happens in the household immediately) but I feel they are ready for it plus they need the handling from diff. people with diff. smells.  As with humans, 4 females together will eventually have their tiffs with each other and it is funny to hear how serious they can "fight" with one another at this young age.  Soon I will be able to determine who thinks she is the "queen"!  They are showing their independence by sleeping away from the group, playing by themselves etc. so I have been pleased with all of that so far.

We get to add this little brindle bundle to our lives on Saturday, August 13th and cannot wait!!  Everyone @ 3513 keeps telling Chloe that her world's about to change! 


Mom & Carli

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