Friday, July 22, 2011

dUk DuK dAzE

summertime fun
It was a scorcher...  but then again, it always seems to be that way when the local festival arrives on Northwood Parkway.  The boys and I took a trip down to give some local love to the Duk Duk Daze festival last weekend.  They played a few games at the token games put on by the New Hope Women of Today and then we walked over to see the firehose display by WestMetro fire fighters.  They couldn't resist running into the spray and taking turns with holding the hose.

The night was made crazier by a car fire in the church parking lot where we normally sit to watch fireworks.  So instead we decided to escape the fumes and headed down the hill and join the crowds.  Because of the heat and high humidity, the fireworks were a little less exciting this year...  but they did make for some cool photo effects!

Another midsummer event come and gone...  time is flying by far too quickly!


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