Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He did it...

I heard {through the grapevine} that Alek attended his A-school graduation today!  He buckled down, had perfect attendance, and finished his high school years out with gusto!!

I couldn't be more proud.  Way to go, Alek!

Class of 2011 grads by the numbers

Robbinsdale Armstrong High School: 475
"A" School:  38
Highest Honors (Top 1% of class): 15
High Honors (Top 10% of class): 78
Honors: (Top 20% of class): 137
GPA  3.0 and up: 372
Continuing to post-secondary education: 90%
Total scholarships earned, Armstrong: $2.3 million
(All numbers estimated at time of publication)

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