Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Another weekend, come and gone! This past Memorial Day weekend is just a blur. I left early from work on Friday and it really was a "do nothing, no commitment" kinda weekend. Okay, well, maybe not... 

We entertained at our house on Friday night.  JP slaved over a hot stove on Friday afternoon and prepared tortillas, chicken, salad, beans and all the fixin's for a Mexican dinner.  IT was absolutely scrumptious!  My job, as usual, was clean-up...  both before and after our guests arrived.  We had a fun time trying a new margarita recipe that was on the back of the Cointreau bottle - they were a hit too!

The kids even had a blast reconnecting with friends we haven't seen in ages and tried hard to con us into a sleepover....  we pushed it off to another night.  Gives us an excuse to get together again!
The boys and I did a little shopping and a little cleaning on Saturday morning before we took in the rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. Wow! Absolutely amazing vocals and performers in this show - it just blew me away.  Each scene was better than the last.  This is the first show the boys had seen at Chan and they really enjoyed it. They even found something to eat on the menu (the picky eaters that they are). If you haven't seen it yet and live local, I highly recommend it. They even have discount specials going on in the summer.  I really enjoyed sitting next to Henry ~ telling him how each scene related to the Bible and watching him soak it all in.  He declared at the end that he "really needs to read more stories in the Bible."  It was truly a wonderful night out with the family.

On Sunday, Henry took in a Twins game with Grandpa and got a Jim Thome bat as one of the first 20k kids under 14 at the game.  Henry also mentioned that it was near record attendance.  JP spent the morning singing in small group at two church services and I skipped out for a little "me time" at LuLuLemon.  I attended my first "Sunday free" yoga session and loved it.  I couldn't believe how packed the store was and was thankful that I arrived before the doors opened.  Sunday afternoon we also entertained (had enough leftovers from Friday to go around again) and I managed to pull some rhubarb from our overgrown plant.  I've given away most of the rhubarb and JP made a yummy strawberry-rhubarb crisp with what we had left.

Sunday night I took in another yoga class with my friends Ginny and Natalie.  This time it was at the Yoga Center in St. Louis Park.  Tara's yin restorative class is amazing and just a perfect way to end the evening.  Although I was pushing myself to my physical limits by taking two classes in one day, I had a wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the end of it. 

Bonus day came with an additional day off from work on Monday...  with Memorial Day and remembrances of those who have fought for us and those too who have lost their lives for our freedom.  Lest we forget all that they have done for us, it is not just a "day off from work" but a day of reflection.  Thank you to our troops for your continued valor and service on our behalf!

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