Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning in January?

I have the mental energy to start clearing out the excess in my house.  Notice I said mental because the physical might actually have to wait until spring.  I want it all out - now!  The stuff packed in boxes in my unfinished basement, going on almost nine years.  The antiques that were adorable and sentimental, once upon a time, must also find a new home.  Who would have thought, however, that an Antique Singer Sewing Table (sans Singer) are a dime-a-dozen on favorite selling sites?!  Can I still part with it if it ends up going to the local thrift store?  Am I betraying the memories and stories it holds?

What about all the childhood books I've collected?  Some of my favorite stories are in the pages of the boxes of books.  And the baby doll cradle that is crying for a little girl to use it after all these years?

The vintage pachinko machine (yeah, look it up!) that my Dad brought over from Japan during the VietNam era...   that I have in my basement, in the hopes that my children would enjoy it in their youth like I did...  still bubble-wrapped and leaning against the sewing machine mentioned above.

There are two or three Mrs. Beasley's in various states of repair, mirrors waiting for re-purposing, glassware & bakeware that hasn't seen daylight or use, new six-panel doors purchased on clearance that have yet to be installed to their rightful door frames upstairs.

The box labeled "deep storage" from my first marriage - why - again, WHY in the world am I holding onto that?!  Cleverly taped and marked for destruction...

Scrapbooks, pictures, certificates and grade reports that haven't been touched since my youngest child was born (his life is only captured and visible in the digital realm, I'm afraid)...  yet continue to accumulate and beg for a resting place that is prettier than gray walls and exposed pipes.

The silver and linen, handed down from my grandmother, that hasn't been used in many, many years!

A heavy box of vintage 78 vinyl, that was once upon a time played on the {electric} 1917 Victrola that sits in my living room.  Surely there's someone who would find more joy in these records stashed away?

You see, I've been attempting to clean out this particular room for almost as long as we've lived here.  Most items have been "looked at" and shuffled from one corner to another waiting for their day in the sun again.

The funniest part (not ha ha funny, however) about all of this is that there's obviously memories attached to each and every one of these things or they wouldn't hold a place of value - let alone square footage - in our house.  I've already informed the boys that if their parents drop off the face of the earth - they need to be very careful in disposing of property stored away.  No, we're not pack rats or hoarders, and my daily living house isn't overrun with things...  however, I do believe I'm ready to party with 95% of what remains in this unfinished room.  I sure hope that my other half agrees just as much... 'cuz come Spring...  it's time to donate, pitch, organize & clean.

Check back for progress updates!


  1. That is such a tough one Julie. I've added my mom's stuff to my mess, and am way overwhelmed with what to do with it all. It is disappointing to think that some of the things you hold dear or as "investments" turn out to not have any monetary value. We found that out with my mom's stuff.

    Good luck!

  2. All I know is I'm excited for 2011 clean up day in New Hope!!