Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy BIRTHday...

From my mother today...
Good morning.... the hour is arriving fast and at 7:19 you wil officially turn 43!  Wow, where does the time go?  It too was a rainy day when you were born - just a drizzle though compared to what we're having now.  The day before you were born Grandpa Gardner to Gma that "any day Susan will have her baby" ...  mom thought he was crazy.  What a surprise for them when I called later.  Your great-great Grandma Grove (living in San Pedro, Ca.) could hardly wait to get to the hospital to see you.  She said, "what a beautiful baby" but got somewhat quiet when I said you were named after "Julia Chapman" my Mn. grandmother.  Her next comment was "what a long name" ... ha!  You could have been a Julie Ann but thought that was toooo common. 
Anyhow I hope you have a good day and have enjoyed some little tidbits of the day you were born.
Love you lots,
xox  Mom

Thanks for LIFE, Mom & Dad...  and for all that you've sacrificed over the years to lay the foundation for me.

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