Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Update

I didn't take the boys to get haircuts.  They still look like street urchins.  Maybe next weekend, when again, we have no concrete plans.

Took the boys to see Toy Story 3.  Loved it.  Cried.  Was happy that they rolled funny credits at the end so I could compose myself.  My boys were also sad.  I think the story "sunk in" for both of them.  

Enjoyed not one, but two fabulous outings with Ginny - both including yoga and food!  Met new people each day and had a wonderful, relaxing time at my first "class-structured" yoga.  I look forward to the next one!  There was also a henna artist at the Open House @ the Yoga Center.  She did beautiful work.

We ventured to the Farmer's Market in lieu of church on Sunday.  Lots of yummy vegetables found their way into our recyclable grocery tote.  A scrumptious caramel roll with pecans & raisins rounded out the morning.   Yum!!

My brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend, now fiance, on Saturday...  as they were moving into their new house.  She reports that he was very romantic, surprised her, and she said, YES!!   We stopped out to see their new house and although it seems to be in some kind of funky 70's timewarp where decor is concerned, it is just a lovely place to begin their new lives together!  The kids and dogs were in tow as we got the grand tour...  wow.  Simply amazing!  Must not forget to bring my swimming suit for the first big family gathering...  and, while I know it's not right to covet, I am completely jealous of the huge sauna in their lower level.

In between doing nothing this weekend, we also : averted a migraine, took in a friend's son's baseball game (with the longest 40 minute inning ever), got an adjustment at the chiropractor, visited with my parents and did four loads of laundry.

Another fabulous summer weekend behind us.

And as I tell Oliver this morning that there are 57 days left before school starts,
he replies "I wish it would be sooner."

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