Sunday, July 18, 2010

So Long Sugar Maple

When we moved into our house 7 years ago, this sugar maple was all ablaze with gorgeous colors. We moved onto Aquila in September and this tree was the glory of the street. She has seen her better days and took a turn for the worse this past year. JP had someone from the UofM Arboretum come by the house and do an assessment. At first we thought it had root-gurdling, so took some time and attempted to breathe new life into her by freeing her roots. No luck. Now just last night, we lost quite a few more branches. They were dead and not growing, so the first to go.

This morning, JP began to put her out of her misery... I know, it sounds strange to talk of a tree in such manner, but she really has done wonders for our curb appeal. My perennial garden has learned to adore her too for many years. Our neighbor came and helped cut down some of the larger branches. Just a few branches remain for now. We have plans for this tree in our garden.

Miss Sugar Maple will be recreated before the snow flies... just wait and see!


  1. Sorry about your tree, neighbor. It was a beauty and will be missed. I did not hear a thing this morning, I must have been sleeping pretty hard to have not heard a chainsaw!

  2. Aw, goodbye, dear tree. It's funny how we can become so attached to a plant, eh?