Thursday, July 15, 2010

Embrace it

The Starfish represents
A woman
Of a certain age
Sassy and confident, in the fullness of her life
She now understands that the care & nurturing of others is possible only 
when she herself has been properly cared for.
Her energies are no longer depleted by trying to
BE ALL for all.
This woman loves herself, knows herself, respects herself
LIVES for herself and
in doing so…
has the best of herself to share without sacrifice.
She surrenders to the sensual beauty
in her midst;
In the simple glories of nature
In birdsong and dappled sunlight,
In food and friendship,
In hearty laughter.

She embraces her womanhood & her sexuality
without apology.
She IS.

Written by friend, Ginny V.

I adore this poem ~ written and gifted to me recently by my friend Ginny.  She also created some gorgeous starfish earrings for me.  It is simply perfect for the time and place I find myself in these days.  And as much as I know that I am steadily marching forward, reaching whatever "that middle age" of womanhood is all about...  I still feel like a school girl, skipping along to life, most days.  Thank you, Ginny, for your wonderful friendship!

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