Friday, June 11, 2010

88 days...

...until school starts again (but who's counting?)!
As much as ma boys groan about that fact, they are also excited to be moving on to the next grade!  Fitting as it were, the mail also held a treasure for Henry on his last day of school Wednesday ~ homework to be completed for his Pre-AP classes and handed in the first day of school.  Thankfully the book, War of the Worlds, looks like something he will actually enjoy reading.  He was a little intimidated (as was I) about the amount and type of questions asked, but I'm sure we'll get through it together!  I just put a copy of the book on reserve so I can read it (in my spare time) and be able to help with questions.  If we ever read this book in school, it's nothing that stuck in my memory.

So, back to summer vacation...  the boys have many activities to keep them busy, but it seems these first few days after school lets out are the hardest for everyone!  JP has already groaned that "It's going to be a long summer!"  The boys, however, know better than to say the B word.  Yes, they've learned Mom's #1 lesson for summer vacation - you say the B-word, you get a C-word.  [Chore]  Actually, it works out quite well for them.  They get to sleep in every morning, Mom leaves behind one chore for the morning, then the day is theirs to enjoy!

Next week starts swimming lessons for Henry and golf league for Oliver.  We have also purchased our summer pool pass and the kids will be able to bike up and meet friends all summer long.  Friends from Norway will be visiting later this month.  Henry cannot wait to see that special little girl!  July brings jazz band for Henry and they both get to attend Camp Wapo again at the end of July.  We are also partaking in the Family Camp the weekend before the boys' camping dates.

We don't have any other summer vacations planned, maybe a day of hooky here or there for Mom to join in the fun.  If my Uncle's cabin doesn't sell as quickly as they think it might, I've also got the crazy idea of taking a trip down to Georgia in August. Now that I don't have a new job to worry about learning, the possibilities are endless!

Welcome Summer...  oh so fleeting, but ready to be filled with memories!!

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