Friday, January 1, 2010

A little pity party to start the new year...

As I get older and further away from the "magic" age of enjoying the holidays, I have discovered that it doesn't take much to put me into a holiday funk.  To start it off this time was the news that Hobbit Travel closed their doors temporarily.  Ha. Well, thanks to Mr. Wozniak, I discovered that he has taken and kept lots of money from not only me, but other non-suspecting, hopeful winter travelers.  How dare he?  As I try hard not wish him the same fate of another recently corrupt Minnesota businessman, the silver lining came by way of Sun Country honoring the original airfare price quoted back in August.  Had they not agreed to do this, we would not be able to enjoy Spring Break in the Southern Caribbean on Adventure of the Seas and would be out even more money.  Another blessing?  The kindness of good friends who loaned us money to pay for the airfare yet again while we wait and see if our bank will be able to get our original payment back.

Add to that the reminiscing I was doing about a friendship, and as I hand-washed a beautiful stemmed wine glass this morning ~ broke it.  I am so very saddened because it was hand-made and gifted to me by this girlfriend quite some time ago.  I am hopeful that I can get it replaced in the near future.

On a positive note, imbalanced hormones and misfortune cannot keep me down for long!  We had a wonderful New Year's eve with friends, are continuing to celebrate all weekend long with gatherings of warmth & friendship, and I will continue believing that most people do not intend to inflict harm on unsuspecting souls. 

This next decade will be one like none other... and 2010 will be yet another glorious year filled with unexpected blessings...  if only we believe and make it so!

Happy New Year!

The eternal believer in the Glass Half Full

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  1. Julie, I'm glad you were able to get comparable airfare. I also think that the bank will get you your money back, especially if it was done on a credit card. I had to dispute prepayment to a resort that closed it's doors last year, and it was a bit of work, but do-able.

    I'm sorry the whole issue caused you a Christmas funk, especially while you were trying to enjoy your much coveted time off. But it sounds like you know how to recover the fumble and run with it!

    Happy 2010!