Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School

It was a success! Everyone made at least two new friends, remembered to bring home a lunch bag and is still wearing a SMILE... all in all, they're reporting a fabulous first day. Alek also came home after a full month away and reported that he passed his driver's test. Lookout world, he's ON the road and one of his first conversations went something like this "wow, I can already tell you how much I don't like the idiots out driving on the road." Chuckle. Yep, son, that would sum it up nicely.

So as I type this out and get ready to return to school myself this evening, Henry is at the table doing homework (and yes, he complained about first day homework), Oliver and Alek are playing Wii Speedracer (and back to arguing as if Alek never left) and JP is making dinner.

life is good.

Making our neighborhood safe!

Henry - Crossing Guard & School Patrol this year

Love the added touch for the parents this year!

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