Saturday, August 22, 2009

The weekend is here, the weekend is here!

I enjoyed a movie with a friend last night, The Proposal, and it was very cute! The boys stayed home and watched the Vikings and Twins on TV. When I got home, JP was already in bed and the boys were still up waiting for both games to finish around 10 pm.

Do I wake sleeping boys... who have been in bed almost 11 hours??! Hmmmm. Shower then wake boys. School's around the corner. Best to let sleeping giants lie, I guess. Not many more days to do this, so let them enjoy it, right? Oh, and they both did their 30 minutes of reading and all the worksheets I had printed. They ARE ready for homework again... that's good!

This morning will be a run to Costco for pork chops and grilling out tonight with friends! Thankful the skies have opened up and the sun is finally shining through. One of these days I'll have a "ta-dah" photo to share of the awning built over the poured patio. Maybe a birthday happy hour at the end of September?!

Tomorrow we will take my nephew's senior pictures in a nearby park. I have been dreaming of starting a photography business with JP lately. We both love taking photos... although I think he may prefer inanimate objects, I wouldn't mind doing the people-shots. Time will tell.

And then there's a Skype session to look forward to on Sunday too! Hmmm, might have a time conflict with being in the park and not home in front of the computer. Note to Norway, if you're seeing this... I'll try to send an email if I won't be online in time. If Sweet Sanna has to go to bed, we understand!

Happy weekend!!

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