Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bonding & such

The younger boys went away with their pop to a weekend of bonding somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin. Uncle Peter has a house boat and a bunch of them squished into it for 3 nights and 4 days of F-U-N!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was intent on thoroughly torturing, um, I mean, bonding with my teenaged son! We had a really nice weekend, actually, and it was also squished with lots of excitement, school shopping and a few chores.

Friday night we met my friend Cheryl in Champlin at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. The meal left a lot to be desired, but the company was fabulous! Afterward we headed over to the theater. Alek went into a show he wanted to see and Cheryl and I danced and sang our way through Mama Mia. I love that music... must go get the CD now! I know, I'll put it on my wish list for my birthday.

We met my folks for pizza & hoagies at Davanni's -- yum!! This is one of the few places I actually eat a sandwich. And they have fabulous brownies to boot!

At one point during the weekend we headed out to the campground for roasted weenies over the fire and conversation with my brother and family. Grandpa had the "parade numbers" in his car and gave them to the kids to have fun... Alek played along and they headed out to the side of the road and scored the cars going by on the road. I think that lasted a whole 20 minutes.

I also caught up on a few chick flick movies, got plenty of sleep, not much cleaning done, but lots of bonding! We even broke out the Wii while the house was quiet. It didn't stay that way long (and I should have shot some video to insert here) when Grandma and I started playing. What a riot - it was pretty hilarious fun!

As you can tell, the theme of the weekend was bonding, eating and fun. I think it was a success. Oh, and with my Chef away, can you tell I managed to escape cooking for Alek and me too? Ha. Where there's a will, there's a way!

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