Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Envy, Dreams & Goals

Have you watched The Bucket List yet? Two of my favorite actors are in it, Jack & Morgan, so of course I watched it! I like the concept. I'm not afraid of dying, but dying alone frightens me. I liked how they found one another in this movie and followed through on their list together. Friends & family, in the end, is what it's all about. It's all worth living only if we feel good about the journey we traveled to get to the end. Right?

So I just stumbled across this man's site, Ian Usher. Amazing. Simply amazing. And gutsy. He sold "his life" on eBay and is out to travel the world. Could you do it? It's somewhat similar to the Bucket List but Ian is starting out much younger in his quest for happiness in a new, life-changing journey. He has added in some philanthropy and will get many followers in the coming weeks and months. I'm a tad jealous. Of course, I have no idea how he got where he is today and wouldn't give up my life, lessons and journey for the world; but I envy his spunk and tenacity. Go Ian!

My motto has always been carpe diem ~ Seize the Day!
Don't wait until tomorrow...




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