Saturday, June 28, 2008


Just have to give the women's golf a shout-out... especially since it's here in Edina, Minnesota. The weather is a combination of clouds and sunshine. I am getting the biggest kick of Helen Alfredsson talking to herself each time she swings. Gotta love Annika Sorenstam dressing in Gopher colors too - go Annika!

I met some girlfriends (aka alumni band geeks) for the Osseo Marching Band Festival earlier today... we had fun reminiscing about how things were in our day. I, of course, brought all of the boys along. My hope that is that the boys will take an interest in one of the instruments before they are in 5th grade. (Alek is a lost cause on that one already.) I've seen it all now too, the Osseo H.S. Band even had a rotating round pedestal that was somehow manuevered along with the band. My favorite today had to be Waconia's marching band. Fabulous music, color guard and skills. All that I though I was video taping with them, however, I was not. I'm so disappointed. I will be setting the DVR from Channel 12's taping today, however, so us band geeks can watch it over again and comment to our heart's content! LOL!

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