Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I usually mute commercials. Advertisers do not get their money from me. My children have succumbed to some of the mass media marketing, but for the most part, I look away. The one exception to this... the Minnesota DO commercials. JP makes fun of me, but I absolutely LOVE this guy. What a great campaign. Even funnier and catchy are the tv commercials. They definitely make me groove and dance in the kitchen when I see them. Genius.

For a nation that's overweight, they need to DO more of these commercials. Perhaps the guy staring in the video could even loose a little weight for his next commercial to inspire.

For now, I love the fact that it's almost summer and he's once again inspiring me to get out and groove!

Note to self: I'm bringing my spare pair of tennis shoes to work today, and leaving them under my desk where I can grab them and start a walking program with a coworker!

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