Friday, May 16, 2008

Chalk Drawing by Henry

PhotobucketMy little artist is now proficient at drawing hot air balloons! Henry had a city report to do for school and together we chose Chino Hills. We have family who lives out there. We discovered that one of the things to do is ride in a hot air balloon over the mountains. Henry thought that was pretty cool so he drew it as one of his pictures. Grandpa came over for Mother's Day and told Henry about how sometimes the rope hangs out of the basket so that when the balloon gets ready to land, someone has the rope to hang onto and help pull it to the ground. See the rope in Henry's chalk drawing?

Henry presented his school report and said he felt pretty good doing it. I think it was his first oral report and research project. He has a small habit of procrastinating (trait he got from his mother?) and we ended up working on it together on Mother's Day. I guess that was as good a day as any to bond and create with my son!

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