Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Hump Day

I just typed out a quick update to a friend and thought, why not post it here too?! Saves me trying to be ultra-creative in posting mid-week. Ha!

The kids are busy rehearsing for a Mother's Day musical at church. Wednesdays & Saturday or Sunday afternoons. It will be cute, I'm sure. I just don't like how they FORCE us to be "around town" on Mother's day if we want our kids in the music program. Grrrrr. Last day of Sunday school is this Sunday. Then we get to have them squirm with us in church. LOL! At least between Memorial Day & Labor Day it's outside in lawn chairs. It's really kind fun and relaxing! Anyone is welcome to join us sometime and have brunch with us! Service is later, at 11 am, on Summer Sundays.

I finished another class last night! Had a presentation and a paper to turn in. The presentation went better than I thought... everyone loved it and said it was humorous and creative. It was on Motivation and Morale (M&M) and I brought m&m's to share. Gotta love how these classes just keeps moving right along!! This year we have September off, next year August. Occasionally a week off in-between for a holiday. The next class is on writing & research and is only 5 weeks long.

We rejoined Netflix... I have my chick flick to watch tonight, 27 Dresses, while the boys are all at church. I'm beginning to love my empty house on Wednesdays, but after tonight it's all over until the fall. Choir rehearsals end, confirmation ends and we'll probably be spending it at a baseball field somewhere instead!

The weather is getting a bit warmer and I hope to spend some time this weekend out in the garden! We've also got a big landscaping project to begin in the backyard. Stay tuned for update photos on that as we move through summer.

~~ Happy Hump Day ~~

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