Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Monday Morning to You!

There was a gorgeous sunrise over the horizon as I rounded the driveway into work this morning. I had hoped to capture it on the camera but missed it. You'll just have to imagine the most beautiful, orange & red glowing ball of sun in the sky instead! Maybe it's a sign that the weather will start turning a tad bit warmer without snow for those of us up here in the Midwest?!

It was a very busy weekend. I went out a bunch of friends on Friday night to the Shout House in Minneapolis. It was a lot of fun! We were there to celebrate Lynette's birthday who turned 29 once again. Saturday morning was the Heart Walk. Because the windchill was 18* and the snow/wind/rain would not stop, I opted to not walk. Raising the money was my ultimate goal and the walk was just a good idea... until it was too cold for this California born native. LOL! Yeah, I'm a wimp. I didn't want to get cold & sick. I had Oliver to think of too so we went out to a nice warm breakfast instead. Saturday night I ventured off to Elk River (seems like the other end of the world) to celebrate a friend's divorce!! I took the boys with me and they enjoyed a round or two of pool. Oliver's still a pool shark! Sunday was church and some much needed house cleaning. I spent two hours going through the boys' clothes and toys. The boxes are piled up in the hallway ready to donate. What a great feeling to get a little spring cleaning done. I guess staying inside and out of the snow and cold is good for something!

Well, back to work but I just thought I'd just share a "good morning" with all of those who read along with my blog!

From my desk to yours...

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