Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shoe Fetish

Shoes, glorious shoes! I love shoes! There, I admitted it. I found myself this week spending more than two hours (and lunch hours at that) trying on shoes. Maybe it's the season that's got me excited, open toes, sandals and no more boots! There has to be unwritten rules, however, about wearing open toed shoes to work. This morning when I came in a woman had on sandals already. In Minnesota. In March?! Perhaps she's just anxious about spring break around the corner, but really?! And her toes were naked. That's sort of a pet peeve of mine. Feet generally aren't cute, does everyone agree with me here? So if you're going to shoe them off, you need to add some pizazz and especially if you're baring them for the workplace, for pete's sake PAINT THEM!

That said, I have already made my pedicure appointment over lunch next Wednesday. JP is joining me. We love to do this pampering together. There are a few times throughout the year we play hookey and make it a spa day with lunch. I also bought us both new tennis shoes for walking the parks in Orlando.

JP already says we have enough shoes. Okay, I have enough shoes. I have to admit I'm running out of places to store them. I rotate them out of a plastic tote in the basement for the season. I'm envious of the celebrities who have walk-in closets just for their shoes. Mine get tossed under the bed, collect dust bunnies, and often get ignored. It's time to bring them out and get 'em ready for Spring & Summer!!

Photo taken while in NYC Sept 2007.

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