Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun on a Saturday Night

We went over to our good friend Kara's house and had dinner. Afterward we played a little Scrabble (*guess who won?!?) and simultaneously surfed the internet. We came across some pretty funny videos on YouTube when we were looking up music. The end result is a lot of nonsense and fun dancing, as you can tell. They are dancing to Cotton-Eyed Joe and then YMCA. Chloe couldn't even escape! Hmmm, Alek do you know how to spell YMCA?

Oh, and Kara wants to know "how do I spell frays without the 's'?" Giggle.

You'll have to scroll down and turn off the music player to get the full effect of this video. It's a good demonstration of what some people will do for entertainment?! When all else fails, D-A-N-C-E!!

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