Monday, February 11, 2008

Coffee & Classmates

I remembered to drive thru for a difference this morning at Starbuck's. I paid for two cars behind me and it was a great, heart-warming feeling! There were radio testaments all day of how people made a difference in another person's life. Hopefully it inspired a few more to think of others and do a kind deed in return.

I made it through my second night of Stats ~ can I get a cheer?! Okay, okay, I'll cheer for myself, two down, five more to go! While my group mates and I were catching up prior to class starting, I discovered that the girl I was chatting with is best friends with a coworker! I mentioned where I worked, she mentioned that she had a friend who worked there and it's amazing how small the world gets! If you recall, this class consists of almost all nursing students, myself being the only exception that I caught. Anyway, this new friend was also working at ANW last summer but quit just before I delivered JC. So, it will be fun to catch up outside of class as there's also a bridal shower this Saturday for our mutual friend. What a fun discovery!

PS: The first quiz wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be either. Once again, a prayer before class helped ease the anxiety in a lot of us!

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