Monday, January 14, 2008

Week/End Update!

I was just typing an email update to a friend and thought I'd copy/paste it here too!

I visited a friend in the hospital on Saturday. She's a surrogate too and gave birth to a little boy this past week. It was nice to get up and see her and the little one before he went home with his parents. What a little peanut!

Our good friends Cheri & Nicole came for a visit this weekend too. It was nice to catch up, even if it was only for a couple of hours.

We are headed to the land of amusement parks!! We booked a trip for Spring Break this weekend. Found a great deal on craigslist (someone wanting to dump their timeshare) and booked 5 of the last tickets on the SunCountry flight. Whoohoo! It's a KIDS vacation and I want them to remember it!! I am hopeful that they're old enough to appreciate it and have a blast over spring break and Easter. It doesn't happen often and we're giving up Mexico this year... but.... there's always another year. The timeshare sleeps 8, has a full kitchen, lanai and two pools. Everyone in our house will start the countdown soon! We're all excited to be going someplace warm! Oliver's already concerned we won't be home for the Easter Bunny to find us!

JP goes in for knee surgery tomorrow. I'm taking the afternoon off and he's thinking he will be off work a week. Please say a prayer that things go smoothly!

We also sprayed insulation into the attic yesterday. JP was upstairs and Alek & I were down dumping 20 pkgs of it. JP thinks we need another 15 for the other side of the house. I sure hope it makes a difference! It is very, very cold outside today!

Henry has his second basketball game tonight. He plays through a church league and has practices on Sunday nights, games on Mondays. He loves it, but is very tired. It's good for him! His team is the Calvary Warriors.

We have a "back to the 50's" dance on Thursday at school - the kids are then out Fri/Mon for the Martin Luther King holiday. We might actually dress up this year and try for the "family award". Wish me luck!!

Friday the younger kids get to do "inflatables" for 90 minutes at the community center in the morning. That should get them full of energy in time to go home and bug JP. LOL!!

Other than that, I'm hoping Alek passes his classes this week. He has finals on Thursday and I'm trying to keep the faith.

I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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