Tuesday, January 15, 2008


-4* Farenheit in New Hope this morning.... Brrrrr!!

As my grandmother used to say, "Ain't you got no shimmy shirt, ain't you got no petty skirt? Brrrr, you must be cold!"

I always wondered where that quote came from and she said it quite frequently in the winter weather. See, Grandma believed that going outside with a wet head would catch you a horrible cold.

I Googled it just now and found out that Larry (from the Three Stooges) said something similiar in a 1937 movie, All The World's a Stooge:

Larry: little fly upon a wall,
Ain't you got no clothes at all,
Ain't you got no shimmy shirt,
Ain't you got no Petty Skirt...
Boo fly, ain't you cold! ahhhhh!

I think I like it better when grandma referenced it about the Minnesota weather! It certainly holds true today!

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