Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Day For Me

It's going on the second week of my winter break, I finally got a day for me! Well, mostly anyway. When JP got home from work I was able to meet some coworkers for lunch. A good friend has decided to leave the company and we went to lunch on her last day. I'm going to miss seeing her daily!

From there I went shopping at J. Jill, compliments of Mr. J. It is my favorite clothing store! I love this style and was spending my clothing budget here long before a storefront appeared in Maple Grove. Their catalogs got me hooked quite a few years ago. Today I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman... you know, the one where they wouldn't give her the time of day, until she went back in with Richard Gere? Well, okay, not quite like that... but the spoiled part... when she came out with lots of new clothes. I walked out of J. Jill with a whole new winter wardobe, and at 70% off, it was quite a haul!

Oops, suddenly after a 15 minute rush to get out of the dressing room and checked out, I was late meeting my mom for a movie. She saved us seats, even brought my favorite movie candy Snocaps! We watched P.S. I love You. It was exactly what I had been waiting for in movies... a good ol' "bring your tissues, get lost in the romance" kind of movie! At the end, the woman behind us was sniffling so hard I was tempted to give her one of my wadded-up tissues.

Tonight after dinner, I am sitting here on the couch catching up online. I've also completed my application to Bethel University. It's been a great day and a wonderful start to 2008!

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