Sunday, December 2, 2007

Santa, Snow & Singing

Teamsters Local 638
Every year the Teamsters Local 638 has a holiday party to thank its drivers. It just so happens that my brother also works for the same union as JP so we have been meeting up the first Saturday in December for some time now. The kids enjoy running around and eating until they're bursting from sugar & sweets, while the adults sit and talk. Usually. This year I convinced my brother and a friend of his to get in the spirit and get their faces painted. They got a little ribbing, of course, from their fellow drivers ~ but it was all for fun!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Sledding at Lion's Park
I also took the kids out for a little sledding fun to break up the monotony of the day. Ha! We got the snow that the weather forecasters promised us and the kids were just itching to get out and play in it. After I shoveled it, I was not so enthused, but found time to take them anyway.

Glorious Impossible
The day ended with a beautiful concert by the Calvary Expressions Choir & Orchestra. JP was a part of this and his audience consisted of me, the boys, grandma & grandpa, along with full pews at two services!

I'll upload a song or two to YouTube soon. You can check back for a link to my "channel" in the near future.

Whatever did we do before all this technology?!

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