Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Organized Me

I took my Dantes Organizational Behavior test this morning at Bethel. I couldn't get there until 9 am (the testing times started at 8 am), but it really didn't matter as the room was empty! I had it all to myself. I was a little surprised, but it was nice not to have any other distractions. There were 96 questions and I finished it in under an hour. The woman was a bit surprised and said she doesn't think anyone has finished a test that short amount of time. Hmmmmm. I hope that's a good thing?! It didn't seem that confusing, although there are plenty of questions that stumped me, I'm hoping for 50% so I can pass with 3 credit hours and keep forging ahead with my college degree!

Now to return the 8 textbooks I (sort of) used to study! If all things work out, I will be starting at Bethel in the next year to attain a BA in Organizational Leadership. They often have off-campus meeting locations, however, they don't have enough people to start one yet in Maple Grove. I'd rather not spend gas, time and money to drive to Arden Hills for 18 months. I keep praying!

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