Monday, December 24, 2007

Making tracks

I was lying in bed just now wondering how I was going to get everything done BY MYSELF today. JP was up and delvering packages by 3:15 am. We have at least 6" of snow to shovel (even though they say we only got an inch), all of the presents are still hiding around the house, waiting to be found to wrap, last-minute stocking stuffers to pick up, cookies to bake for Santa's plate, and the list goes on. At least no one is coming to our house so I don't have to clean! (breathe) The kids sing at 3 pm, dinner (how does pizza sound, boys?) and JP sings twice this evening. I'm not sure I can get the kids to go to the 7 pm service, so we will probably stay home and watch the Polar Express on ABC Family. I just might need a GPS tracker by the time today is done!

The boys think that Santa would enjoy eggnog this year. Maybe they'll go for him also liking dark chocolate so I can save myself a little work today. SMILE

Oh, and don't forget to track Santa!

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