Sunday, November 4, 2007

B and BEE

B: I forgot to post that I got a B in my Geology class... whoohoo! Henry loves rocks and found a rock tumbler in a magazine he wanted me to get him. I guess he takes after his grandpa! I told him to call up grandpa and see if they could spend an afternoon together and go through grandpa's rock collection. Now that I would have to get photos of for the scrapbook.

BEE: The kids went with grandma and grandpa to see the BEE Movie yesterday while JP and I went to the Chocolate Extravaganza. The adults rated it a C but the younger boys gave it a B. Apparently there was a lot of "over their head" humor that actually kept Alek entertained. And JP and I had a great time tasting chocolate and sampling red wines as we wandered through the Minneapolis Convention Center for a couple of hours.

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