Wednesday, November 14, 2007

an A-HA moment

When is the last time you had an "a-ha" moment? The kind that Oprah describes as having the light bulb magically come on? I seem to be doing a lot of thinking during my short commute to work these days. It would seem that my commute isn't long enough to actually finish a thought (it's only 12 minutes) and yesterday I had to call my work voicemail to leave those fleeting thoughts!

I am not sure I will ever really understand my purpose on this earth, but I am certainly piecing together my legacy. The a-ha moment that came to me is my purpose is defined as being more of a conduit, behind-the-scenes spirit or mover of sorts. Things that came to mind involved me playing a role that is not center stage. And don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not good enough or have self-esteem to play center stage, but maybe I'm more effective and my calling is higher by playing the supporting role?

* First chair, Third Part Clarinet
* Drum Majorette to Drum Major
* Inspiration for a friend who now sings professionally
* Surrogate for another to have a complete family
* Executive Admin who supports a cast of over 180 people
* Silent contributor to holidays for those who might not otherwise have one

Am I meant only to inspire in this way? We're not all put on earth for the same reasons. I am happy. Life is good.

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