Saturday, September 1, 2007

85* and Sunny

It's a gorgeous day outside today in Minnesota! However, so far, I've spent most of it indoors. I just couldn't stand it anymore and took off to my youngest boys' bedroom. After over an hour I emerged with dust bunnies stuck to my bum, a sore back from stooping to pick up legos, but victorious with four bags of giveaway! The boys joined me and sorted some of their toys. Sneaky mom, however, got rid of quite a few more that they didn't need. I promptly dropped off our donations at the thrift store. Dropped the kids off to play with friends and I'm back to do more damage, I mean clean up more!

What's Labor Day weekend for anyway if not to labor, clean and start off the first day of school with everything organized, cleaned and ready to be messed up again!

Oh, wait... it is 85* and sunny! Might have to get outdoors at some point again today.

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  1. Black garbage bags are great for cleaning "with the kids". Tie a knot at top, open the top drawer on the tallest dresser, put the knot in the drawer as you close it. You now have a garbage bag they can't see through or see in the top! What they don't know won't hurt them :) Tami