Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oliver | Fifteen

Fifteen and serious.

He didn't want to give me a smile on his birthday.  And then the neighbor hollered happy birthday Oliver across the fence.

And he smiled.

So wise beyond his years.

He came home a couple of weeks ago and said he was thinking about joining the military.  The recruiters at school waved him over to their lunch table asking what he would be doing when he graduated, assuming he was 18.  He was only 14 at the time.

This boy of mine has a generous, compassionate heart.  Someone was standing along the off-ramp with a sign saying he was homeless.  More often than not, these folks have been panhandling for a living, but that didn't deter Oliver.  He pulled all of the money out of his wallet and handed it over to me to hand out the window.

He's growing up in a time and world that is hurting.  He doesn't seem to be phased.  It will not deter him on his mission to love God and make a difference in his lifetime.

I wished him a happy 16th birthday in his card.  He laughed at me, walked back over and said, "did you want to fix this?"  He's always been older than his age in my mind.  Guess I can use that card again next year now?!

He didn't make the school freshman basketball team.  He was crushed inside, I could tell.  He will persevere and use that drive in other ways.  Lacrosse is in the spring and winter league & training throughout the next few months.  There's also intramural basketball to keep them busy and energized.

Music is also one of his passions and while he has been tempted to quit band the last two years, he is loving marching band and looking forward to the Outback Bowl over winter break.  He made Freshman Madrigals too and the concerts in December will have both of my boys playing and singing their hearts out on stage.

This kid makes me smile.  Tough on the outside, soft and beautiful on the inside.

Happy birthday, Oliver.

i love you,

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